Laser Hair Removal , Philadelphia PA

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MaxAesthetics Med Spa

MaxAesthetics Med Spa Is Now Offering A Virtually Pain Free Laser Hair Removal , Utilizing The Soprano xl Laser From Alma Lasers.

This Soprano xl Uses A Patented In MotionTechnology That Slowly Heats The Dermis , Destroying The Hair Follicles That Are In The Growth Phase Until They Can No Longer Produce New Hairs.
By Using This In Motion Technology, The Soprano xl Significantly Reduces Procedure Time And The Discomfort Usually Associated With Laser Hair Removal .

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Laser hair removal
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shaving bikini area

i read somewhere that if you once shave yourself in the bikini area like i mean a full Brazilian, then you can never go back. is that true? and if i shave down there then would i be able to have laser hair removal at a later date?

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