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Get the best for your skincare and hair removal needs at Laserderm

From zapping hair away, minimising those dreaded wrinkles and crows feet, to giving expert advice on proper skin health management Lisa Callaghan and the staff at Laserderm in Claregalway work tirelessly to provide their customers with top-notch service, putting them at ease, so that they leave the clinic feeling wonderful.

Giving that personal touch is essential in this type of industry, according to proprietor Lisa Callaghan who explains that customers can often be very self-conscious about a particular complaint for which they are seeking advice and treatment. Since opening its doors in 2007 Laserderm, located at Cois Chlair Shopping Centre, has successfully managed to develop its client base, bringing down prices to suit the current cash-strapped times, while at the same time not sacrificing in any way the quality of the customer service provided.

“Some customers can often feel self-conscious about their particular problem and it can affect their wellbeing so it is important that the Laserderm staff try to make them feel at ease. After a few months we can really see the change in people, they’re like a new person. It is really very fulfilling for us to see that,” says Ms Callaghan

A runner-up in last year’s Entrepreneur of Year awards for customer service and currently placed in the top five salons for best Murad sales in Ireland, Laserderm offers a wide range of advanced skincare treatments including the popular laserderm hair removal, thread vein/broken capillary removal, cosmetic teeth whitening, microdermabrasion with oxygen, LED light therapy, treatment for acne/rosacea, as well as the gentle skin peel and intense wrinkle reducer peel.

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Laser Hair Removal Makes You Hot While Being Super Cool

In The New York City Summer Heat-Laser Hair Removal Makes You Hot While Being Super Cool

Laser Hair Removal Makes You HotWhile I write this post, the outside temperature is “humid” 95 degrees. The inside temperature in my office is “sweating” 90 degrees.

I do not know about you but I am barely stopping myself from removing all of my clothes off.

What is stopping me, except the fact that I do think that I will lose just a bit of respect from my clients and employees, once they see my naked body trying to be “business as usual” while exposing all of my “bits and pieces?”

Except that, not much.

No worries about cellulite. No worries about extra pounds. And definitely no worries about excess hair.

I can show it all off without the worry of looking like a cave-woman-come -to-life. If anything, laser hair removal has me looking more like Raquel Welch in “One Million Years B.C.”, than Lucy the-ape-woman.

Am I grateful I had the procedure? You bet.

As the temperature in the city is getting hotter and hotter. As the summer is in full bloom and the summer fun in full swing. As the fashion on the streets, in the parks and even in the offices is definitely more “show -off-more-with-less”, than “keep-them-guessing-with-multi-layers”-I feel comfortable in my silky smooth skin.

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Pregnancy Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal in pregnancy is a hot topic for mothers who are currently pregnant, or planning to conceive, and who are experiencing surplus hair growth. If you are in the process of trying to conceive, you may well be wondering whether it's advisable to start or continue with pregnancy laser hair removal at the point when you do get pregnant.

Some mothers could well also be concerned about the dangers of removal of hair by laser when trying to conceive.

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Review of Jtec Laser Aesthetics Laser Removal Center in Arkansas

If you are seeking Laser Removal Of Hair In Arkansas, Jtec Laser Aesthetics would be worthwhile to put on your list of Arkansas laser hair removal beauticians to review.

It is certainly a good suggestion to review numerous hair removal laser clinics before finalizing your definitive pick. The majority of the well reputed outfits will grant all customers a complimentary consultation so please take advantage of these options and make sure you get answers to lots of your concerns.

Where is it Situated?

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New York Laser Removal

Select New York Laser Removal? - If you are attempting to locate Laser Hair Removal In New York, Randee Elaine Spa & NY Laser Center would be worth adding on the shortlist of New York Laser Removal clinics to review. It is essential to do your fact-finding ...

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Permanent Hair Removal

People considering laser hair removal as an option are often caught up in a dilemma that whether the laser hair removal is temporary or permanent hair removal. Much has been said both far and against laser hair removal in this context. Let's look at this aspect in detail and decide by ourselves whether to vote far or against laser hair removal.

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