How Permanent is Laser Hair Removal
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People who are promoting laser hair removal always said that it is the most permanent hair removal method amongst other hair removal methods. However, saying permanent had a small misconception. Why? Because the results of laser hair removal are not permanent. Not permanent in a sense that after a while, your hair will grow back. Hairs might grow back, but there are a lot of factors that we have to consider. These hairs are much more refined, the coarseness is less and the qualities of the hairs that grow back are lesser. Thus, it won’t be same amount of hair that you had before. The fact also that hairs grow back a very long time, like two years or more, should be considered. Not all hair removal methods could give these results. With waxing, hairs grow back after a week. With shaving, hairs grow back overnight. With electrolysis, hairs indeed won’t grow back but it takes a lot of efforts and time to remove large areas of unwanted hairs. Thus, having considered other hair removal methods, it is still laser hair removal that is permanent. So, when someone told you of a permanent laser hair removal, you already know that it is really permanent compared to other hair removal methods. Ciao!

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How Permanent is Laser Hair Removal

How permanent is the hair removal?
Will I be hair free for the rest of my life, or just a few years?

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How Permanent is Laser Hair Removal

i am interested in laser hair removal on my back and shoulders, but am wary of the cost.
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How Permanent is Laser Hair Removal

Does it hurt? How many treatments do you need? When you were done how much did it cost altogether?

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