After Laser Hair Removal Skin Care Treatment
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Right after your laser hair removal treatment, you need to know these guidelines in taking care of your skin. These guidelines are important so you would not make a mistake and would risk experiencing side-effects on your treated skin like burning or scarring.

When you get home, the first thing you need to do is to apply cold compress on the treated skin. You could also take aspirin to help your skin from inflammation, aside from the cold compress. Continue putting a cold compress on the treated skin for 2-3 hours. You could wash the treated skin, but make sure to use gentle soap and water. Do not use deodorants if you had laser hair removal on your underarms. Also make sure you don’t sweat. Sweating makes your skin more irritated.

When you go out to the sun, be sure to use a sunblock with higher SPF. If you exposed your skin to the sun without protection, it might be burned. One more thing, you can’t shave one week after the laser hair removal treatment. After one week, you can shave but no waxing, no plucking or bleaching all throughout your laser hair removal treatments.

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After Laser Hair Removal Skin Care Treatment

I had 6 visits of laser treatment at Skin Care for facial hair removal.
Actually i had only few dark coarse hairs on my chin and upper lip but i did a full face dreaming of more silky &smooth appearance..

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Really good article,can follow after laser hair removal.Thanks team.!