Quick Detox
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"Quick Detox" is a short program that helps detoxification of the body by ridding it of deadly toxins. The program is spread over a period of 3 days and begins with a decrease in the consumption of coffee, tea, alcohol and other beverages (especially those containing high levels of sugar). Most liquids, other than water, should be substituted with natural fruit juices. Breakfast should be light on the stomach, followed by a light lunch such as pasta. Dinner should consist of a salad with an oil-free dressing. Exercise is also recommended to enhance energy levels.

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How to get rid of razor bumps in the bikini area

Razor bumps are not only an unsightly byproduct of hair removal, but they can become infected and cause you pain and skin problems. The bikini area is the most problematic because it is a sensitive skin zone. Razor bumps are caused by the cut hair curling back into the skin after depilation.[1] Ensuring that you don't get them, or that you treat them speedily if you do, is part of good skin hygiene.

Best Anti Aging Products

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