Silk'n: At- Home Hair Removal That Actually Works!

Anyone looking for a new, painless, and affordable hair removal device that is actually effective? I found this product called Silk'n which is an at-home hair removal device that uses light technology to disable hair growth from arms, legs, underarms and the bikini area. I first became aware of the product when I saw it featured on Good Morning America, W and InStyle Magazines. I've tried so many methods (i.e. waxing, tweezing, shaving, threading and laser was too expensive) and products (i.e. Veet, GiGi, Skin Smooth, etc.) to remove unwanted hair, but the invisibility of hair was temporary or just simply did not work at all. So you can imagine my excitement when I used Silk'n and worked! I was so surprised to know that it only took less than 30 minutes to complete my legs and only 5 minutes to use on my arms. Also, unlike the other things I have used, I don't have to constanly shave or pluck often since I use it only once 2 weeks for three to four treatments. Silk'n is so convenient to have and such a great investment since it's not as costly as laser hair removal treatments that you have to consistently go for and expensive or always having to try and buy new over-the-counter products that don't even work! Other great things about Silk'n I've found are that it doesn't hurt and leave you with ingrown hair or bumps that you get from razors or that annoying horrible smell from lotions or waxes. So the next time you reach for Veet, Venus Razors in your local Rite Aid or make an appointment to get waxed, think about Silk'n that is cost-efficient, convenient and WORKS! If anyone is interested to know more about it, feel free to email me!

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