Tanning Before Laser Hair Removal

You might wonder why your laser hair removal doctor/specialist would recommend not doing tanning before your laser hair removal treatment, especially now when there is already a laser hair removal device that would cater to dark skins. In fact, tanning is one of the major factors that can affect the results of your laser hair removal treatments. If you haven’t told your doctor that you have done tanning weeks before your treatment, you increase the risk you are going to take during your laser hair removal treatment. Tanning is one of the factors that can cause burning, hyper pigmentation or discoloration.

Tanning actually changes your natural skin pigmentation. As your skin darkens, it becomes more susceptible to absorb more laser energy. With this, your laser hair removal specialist can’t properly determine the laser settings for your skin type. Normally, laser hair removal specialist turned down the laser energy so it won’t burn your skin. But if you won’t truthfully inform your laser hair removal specialist, there is a high risk of your skin getting burned or having hyper pigmentation or discoloration. We should also consider the fact that if the laser settings will be turned down, it will also decreases the effectiveness of the lasers in removing unwanted hairs.

People with a tan who also wants to remove their unwanted hairs, has two course of action. They could postpone their laser hair removal treatment until their skin becomes clear or until they lost the tan. If they can’t wait then they would be wasting their money since the treatment would be less effective. The other option is to look for a laser hair removal clinic that specializes in dark skinned laser hair removal or doing laser hair removal on a tanned skin. They should look for IPL lasers that has a cooling method that could protect the skin during the treatment.

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