Bare Skin Laser Hair Removal

Bare Skin Laser Hair Removal




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Bare Skin Laser Hair Removal in Pensacola, Florida is a specialist clinic that caters only on laser hair removal procedures. They are not offering any other treatments but solely focus on laser hair removal alone. The said clinic has been under the general supervision of Dr. Lori Ripps. Additionally, this clinic aims to minimize the risk of hormonal hair growth on your laser hair removal treatment by having a resident gynecological endocrinologist, who is certified in correcting hormonal causes of hair growth-Dr. Barry A. Ripps. This clinic also caters to men and women’s laser hair removal needs.

Clinic’s Availability

The Bare Skin Laser Hair Removal clinic is open from Monday to Friday. You could call them on office hours, if you got problem, or you could call them after office hours. They have a system wherein you can ask the answering service to page a physician on-call. You can reached them in this number: (850)478-2000.

Customer Service

Aside from the fact that you could call this office for any concerns for your laser hair removal treatment, this clinic also gives private and confidential laser hair removal procedure. They also have the opportunity to choose a woman doctor if you want a woman doctor. Since some women prefer to have their Brazilian laser hair removal treatment with a woman doctor, then this option is very useful. This is also open for men clients.

Laser Hair Removal Cost and Services

This clinic uses the Apogee 6200 for their laser hair removal treatment. The good thing about Apogee 6200 is the fact that it uses the TKS principle. This principle means that the laser’s energy can selectively heat the hair follicle, without damaging the surrounding area. On the other hand, this clinic offers a free consultation with none other than the managing director, Dr. Lori Ripps. However, regarding the costs of laser hair removal treatments, they actually vary with the treated area, time required, and the number of treatments that are expected. You may pay per treatment or you may choose to avail discounts on a package of three or more treatments.


Since Bare Skin Laser Hair Removal Clinic is a clinic that caters solely to laser hair removal treatment, this could be a potential refutable clinic. Being a specialist clinic has a lot to do with the experience of the clinic. In other words, this clinic might have a lot of experience in doing laser hair removal since it only do laser hair removal on all their treatments. Thus, this clinic is worth for you to have a look or better yet avail their free consultation to check out their services.

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