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Fort Pierce


2401 Frist Boulevard
Fort Pierce, Florida, 34950



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Solution for Almost All Skin Issues

My work is such that I have to face the sun almost half a day and the result is obviously rosacea or what we normally call red cheeks. Being a man this problem was quite severe as my skin is quite hard and I feel too much irritation. Moreover I used to find it difficult to shave every day because of the brutal skin and hard hairs. With each passing day the problem was becoming severe. Another gift of my tough job is prolonged standing due to which my thighs and ankles used to have small bluish capillaries. They were painful and I need to get rid of them to improve my performance. I was sometimes too tired that I feel like running away leaving all work behind but I can’t, as I am the only bread earner. I was in search of a solution that can cater all these issues i.e. my red cheeks, spider veins as well as permanent hair removal from my cheeks. I was a bit worried too because I have heard many times that red cheeks condition vary from person to person and so is its severity. Therefore the treatment also varies considerably and it requires proper analysis before treatment. Same goes with spider veins. Therefore I was searching for a clinic which offers all these three solutions at reasonable price and also provide pro-treatment help and advice. This satisfaction that some one is there to solve pro-treatment issues is important to stay contended with the treatment.

My search ends when I visited Cosmetic Laser Services Inc and met the experts over there. They have a solution for all my problems. I was happy about the way they guided me and suggested me the realistic treatments. Their rates were also quite reasonable. I decided to undergo the treatment. The staff was too good and knowledgeable. They kept me informed about what’s going on and what’s the next? How I need to prepare for which step and what can I expect of the treatment? They were quite happy to answer all my queries and help me out throughout the procedure. I was astonished to see the results of the treatment and they also gave me the pro-treatment advice and consultation, that’s the best part. I truly thank the experts and other team members of Cosmetic Laser Services Inc for the wonderful experience, best environment and effective treatment.

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