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7600 Dr. Phillips Blvd. #74


407 226 0609

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If you are seeking Florida Laser Hair Removal, Nova Cosmetic Center is worth a place on the shortlist of Florida Laser Hair Removal clinics to pay a visit to.

It is crucial to do your investigative homework systematically when nominating a laser hair clinic; though people might perhaps think of laser hair removal as a mere cosmetic therapy, it is a medical therapy and as such your health and safety are vitally important. Most laser clinics will give you a no-obligation appointment with a consultant so it is worth your while paying a visit to a few prior to making the ultimate choice.

Cost Of Laser Hair Removal

This laser clinic is somewhat standard for the state with regard to the laser hair removal cost. When you assess prices, remember that each skin area will often demand at least 5 visits.

Make certain you inquire whether it is possible to have any money off discounts or bulk buying offers, as every so often people can save a substantial sum of cash by making these enquiries.

What is it Like?

The ambience and environment of the laser clinic are satisfying and professional, and the whole environment is a relaxing spa-like setting where patients are pampered throughout their therapy.

Expertise and Qualifications

When evaluating a laser hair clinic, discovering all about the medical practitioners that manage the place in addition to the quality of proficiency of the technicians doing the processes is crucial. At Nova Cosmetic Center in Florida, all laser hair removal processes are done under the supervision of doctor Jan V. Karlin, who is specially qualified in cosmetic surgery and processes, with over 20 years experience in plastic therapies.

What Services are Available?

This honest laser clinic has on offer an extensive range of cosmetic processes for instance breast and face enhancements, lipomelt, tummy tucks, vein therapy, treatments for excess underarm sweating and a a variety of specialist cosmetic laser options in addition to laser hair removal.

The Quality of Care

Nova Cosmetic Center apply a bespoke methodology for laser therapy for hair removal. With laser hair removal, it is never advisable to consider a one size fits all treatment methodology. Make certain that you are given a careful and meticulous appraisal of your particular skin and hair type, and that the consultant talks over in depth the therapy and the desired end results with you. It is crucial that one has the right expected end results for the therapy, and at Nova Cosmetic Center the designated consultant will take care to make sure that this is the case.


There are a variety of good quality Florida laser hair clinics, and it is emphatically advisable to pay a visit to a choice of them before nominating the specific one you plan to reward with your business.

For people living or working in Florida, there are lots of choices when it comes to undergoing laser hair removal; Nova Cosmetic Center is one of a few Florida Laser Hair Removal options for you to research.

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