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New York


38 East 57 Street
3rd Floor


212 750 2000

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There is undoubtedly no paucity of New York Laser Hair Removal clinics, and the range and selection of laser clinics and processes that you can avail yourself of can be fairly overwhelming. Here is some information on Romeo & Juliette, one of quite a lot of New York Laser Hair Removal clinics.

It is vital to do your homework methodically before picking a laser clinic; while clients might perhaps regard laser hair removal treatment as a straightforward cosmetic treatment, it is a medical treatment and as such your health and protection are of vital importance. Most laser clinics will provide you with a free-of-charge opening appointment with a consultant so it is very worth while visiting a few before making the definitive selection.

The Quality of Care

Romeo & Juliette utilize a customized style of approach to hair removal therapy with laser. With laser hair removal treatment, there is no such thing as a all-purpose treatment. Be sure that you demand a precise and meticulous assessment of your precise skin type and hair type, and that the consultant discusses in depth the treatment and the desired end results with you. It is vital that clients have sensible expectations of the treatment, and at Romeo & Juliette the assigned consultant will take care to be sure that you are fully informed.

The Ambience and Setting

The ambience and decor of the laser clinic are satisfying and the building are designed with your privacy and comfort in mind. Decorated with a relaxing ambience to provide you with the best hair removal experience.

Price Of Laser Hair Removal

This laser clinic is fairly average for the part of the country when it comes to the laser hair removal cost. When you assess prices, remember that every single body area will need 5 or more visits.

Be sure you inquire if it is possible to get any special price offers or multi-buy deals, as quite often clients can conserve a considerable sum of cash by making these enquiries.

What are their Credentials?

When evaluating a laser clinic, learning about the management that supervise the organization in addition to the level of proficiency of the operatives carrying out the processes is vital. At Romeo & Juliette in New York, all laser hair removal treatment processes are performed under the personal direction of the owner, Christian Karavolas, who is specially certified in laser hair removal and is also the acting President of the New York State Association of Laser Hair Removal Specialists.

What's on the Menu?

This professionally run laser clinic provides only laser hair removal treatment and is completely dedicated to perfect results. There are no other cosmetic laser therapies offered in addition to laser hair removal treatment, so the laser clinic can focus entirely on providing the very best possible laser hair reduction treatment for you.


There are quite a lot of excellent quality New York laser clinics, and it is always a good idea to review a selection of them before you think of picking the one you want to reward with your business.

Romeo & Juliette was the winner of the Citysearch "Best Laser Hair Removal in New York" award twice between 2005 and 2008. For people living or working in New York, there are many choices when it comes to purchasing laser hair removal treatment; Romeo & Juliette is one of a few New York Laser Hair Removal options for you to look into.

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