Facial Hair Removal

Facial hair removal by laser is a vital tool in the fight against unwanted facial hair. This relatively new laser methodology has changed the lives of many women who have experienced unwanted facial hair growth.

In past years many women could get only temporary relief using a variety of facial hair removal products such as waxing, depilatory creams or shaving. Of these removal techniques, shaving your face is probably the most undesirable for women. Not only does it commonly have to be done on a daily basis, the resulting re-growth has an offensive stubbly feel which can make many women very uncomfortable about anybody touching their face, as well as suffering the humiliating "5 o'clock shadow" look.

Female Hirsutism - The Causes

Female facial hair can be triggered by a hormonal imbalance, which is often associated with a medical condition such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), when the extra growth is termed PCOS hirsutism. It is therefore vital to rule out and if appropriate treat any hormonal imbalance prior to undergoing any invasive treatment, otherwise the hormonal imbalance may simply cause immediate regrowth.


Electrolysis facial hair removal is the alternate enduring technique utilized by dermatologists and beauticians to treat female facial hair; it is suitable if there are only a few hairs to treat, while facial laser hair removal can efficiently clear significant areas of your face.

Often a few visible hairs that remain after largely successful results with facial laser hair removal can be treated with electrolysis, providing the final touches that the patient feels she needs to be completely satisfied with her new silky-smooth facial skin.

Cost Of Facial Hair Removal

Most women who are suffering unwanted facial hair problems will deem the monetary cost of a solution to be an investment they will be happy to make if it fixes their problem for good. Home facial hair removal with waxing techniques or depilatory creams is likely to add up to more than the cost of reduction of hair with laser in the long term.

Example prices in the US can vary from location to location, for instance for your full face you might anticipate paying anywhere between $250 and $600 per laser session (and you will likely need 6 of these sessions) - depending among other things on how much growth is present. For an upper lip laser, you might anticipate paying about $25 - $100 for a single laser session.

Permanence of Treatment

Under normal circumstances, laser removal can provide a enduring solution by incapacitating a large percentage of your follicles or roots underneath your skin. The results will not give a 100% clearance but should provide relief by preventing most of the growth; the remaining regrowth should be visibly weaker, thinner and paler.


Serious facial hair removal complications from laser treatment are mercifully rare; a large proportion of women notice redness after facial laser hair removal but this should recede within a few days at most. If you feel uncomfortable about this, it is recommended to have your treatment performed on a Friday and / or to take a day or two as vacation for some privacy. It is, however, safe to use makeup after your treatment.

Final Words

Do not allow facial hair problems to blight your life. You deserve to solve this problem for good and have the smooth face you have always wanted. Facial laser hair removal could be the answer you have been looking for!