Over view of Electrolysis
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Although most of you might already know, Here is brief overview of Electrolyis for the newbies.:) :D

Electrolysis is a pretty old and proven method of hair removal. If performed correctly and by a skilled electrologist and timely follow up by the patient it gives good results in terms of permanent hair removal. Electrolysis can treat all hair colors, all skin colors, all sizes of hair. That's why its so popular among people.

The procedure involves introduction of a very fine specialized needle into the hair follicle through the skin and a controlled pulse of electricity is transmitted through the needle. This results in the destruction or stunning of the Hair follicle and it stops hair growth. The dead hair is removed with the help of a tweezers.

Electrolysis can be done by the following three methods
1. Galvanic Method utilizes Direct D.C current
2.Flash Method utilizes Alternating A.C current
3.Blend Method is a combination of the two methods using both A.C & D.C currents.

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