help buy laser hair removal equipment
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Hello, everybody. I need a little advice. I have a beauty saloon in Thai Land. I want to buy a Laser hair removal system due to increasing popularity of Laser hair removal in Thai land. I get all sorts of clients ranging from skin types II to Skin type V mostly. I wanted to know if there is any Laser hair removal system which covers all these skin types or should i opt for two different types of laser systems one for light skin types and other for dark skin types. I will highly appreciate if u can tell me where i can buy this equipment.

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hello Sth that bothers my

hello Sth that bothers my mind and made me an isolated person is the existance of hair on my legs.Now I have decided to use laser but do not know which kind of laser machine to use. My body is whatean not so white and not dark and almost white. I will appreciate you if you help me choose the best and correct one.
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to make your beauty salon in

to make your beauty salon in Thailand more popular, better buy 2 or more different laser hair removal system. its a guarantee it will maximize your customer satisfaction..having only one laser hair removal system will guarantee to give you unsatisfied customers..

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A lot of laser hair removal

A lot of laser hair removal clinics have employed two or more laser hair removal system for their clients. If you want your clinic to be popular to your patients and refer your clinic to their friends and relatives, then better cater to almost all skin type by buying the right laser hair removal machine for each skin type. One for dark, blondes, and red people. And the other for the normal skin type. However, there is no equipment yet that could cater to almost all types of skin. Infact, for each skin type, there is an appropriate laser hair removal machine. Hope this information helps you.