Laser erase my tattoos
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Laser erase my tattoos

I don't know personally or anything, but I've heard from others as a fact that those creams, lotions, etc do not work. For example, someone said that Wrecking Balm and all the others just fade enough of the work,
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Laser erase my tattoos

Really! Erase them???? Do you really think this? I don't believe that you do. You know that they are permenant. You know that there are only 2 things that you can do to alter the appearance of a tattoo.
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yup. a lot of clinics have

yup. a lot of clinics have been doing them..check them out..

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Yes. Lasers will penetrate

Yes. Lasers will penetrate pulses of light into the top layers of the skin and affect the pigment of the tattoo. The laser will break the pigment of the tattoo into smaller pieces, which can then naturally remove through the body. But it wont cause any damage to the skin. so yes, it will erase your tattoos.