eye protection during laser hair removal
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i had laser hair removal done on my legs 2days ago. they gave me googles for my eyes that resembles those used in tanning booths. however, even with eyes closed,i can still see flashes of light, is this ok?
and after the procedure is done,my vision was a bit blurry.
did they gave me a wrong set of googles?

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Vision damaged

I had a laser procedure on my eyebrows and even with goggles, my vision was permanently damaged from the zaps. I could see the red flashes of light during the procedure which refracted my eyes. I have horrible night vision now with the starburst effect and glare. Lasik helped somewhat, though. Good luck!
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i have one also..

i think it is just normal..because i experience the same thing also, after my own session of laser hair removal..but it was gone after a good night's sleep..

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eye protection during laser hair removal

seeing flashes of light even when eyes closed is pretty much normal.
many clinics used those kind of googles, you could have also used gauze.