is it okey to have laser hair removal for my eyebrows?
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i have read on the internet that there is a high risk of damaging my retina..but is there a way for it to be okey?i really want to do laser hair removal on my plucking them so tired of it..'s picture

Absolutely not

Please avoid this treatment! I had this done and my vision was permanently damaged. The goggles can't protect you when the laser beam penetrates into your head.

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pls could use

pls could use electrolysis for them but not lasers..there is a very high risk of damaging your eyes from it..the lasers might reach your retina during the surgery especially when you look up..

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you could try electrolysis..but if this procedure too painful for could always try to have laser hair removal for your eyebrows..dont worry, your eyes wont be damage..they have a protective eyewear that will protect your eyes from the lasers during the procedure..however, it is very important, during the procedure, you have to remember not to look up even if your eyes is close..that way, lasers cant penetrate your remember, look down always..

hope that answers your question..

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Laser hair removal is a simple, painless, non-surgical approach to lasting hair reduction.: Any unwanted hair on the body can be treated. Eyebrows, face, neck, sideburns on women, exposed ear hair