which is better?
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compared traditional shaving, with a razor with an electric shaver?which is better?

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which is better?

Will it be best to switch to injectable, i am taking too many pill in a day and i want to hear some advise before i go to my OB gyne.
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electric shaver! it is more

electric shaver!

it is more convenient and can get hairs on more inappropriate places.

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It would be the latest

It would be the latest technology. The latest technology enables to remove hair better and effectively. It also diminishes the possibility of a nick or cut. Electric shaver is also convenient. Traditional shaving is totally out of the picture..

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hi shaving is too painful ,

hi shaving is too painful , you should try Sugaring techniques for painless Waxing.
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which is better?

Im confused which one I should buy, because a camcorder captures memories much better than a digital camera but it loses the ability to take nice pictures.
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