a problem with threading
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i used to do threading of my cheek hairs.i started threading about 4 years ago but now i have to do threading all the way up to my eyes and more over these hairs have grown thick and their growth have also become rapid.therefore i have to do threading more frequently than before.
now i am thinking of any alternative. Is laser hair removal is the only permanent way or i have got some other cheap and easy method

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a problem with threading

When this loop goes the first time, everything runs fine. The problem is when I run the loop the second time around, it runs the doWork() function twice.
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Sleep with your legs elevated at night, boost your circulation with some light cardio, but not too much if you have weak veins like that. You should not smoke or do things that harden the arteries. This could be serious and having to do with your circulation. Take a ceyanne pepper supplement to boost circulation naturally.
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hi Gohar,

Thank you 4 sharing your problem. As fas as i have understood threading has not increased your hair growth. It was bound to reach that limit even if u were using some other method.
I m glad for you that you have made up your mind about finding a permanent solution for your problem. Unluckily you don't have much choices when you talk about "permanent hair removal methods". There are only two proven permanent hair removal methods which are Electrolyisis and Laser hair removal. You can see the [url=http://www.laserhairremoval-info.com/comparison/vs-electrolysis.htm]Electolyis vs. Laser hair removal[/url] discussion to find out for urself which method suits u best. The problem with these methods is that both of these are pretty expensive, but the investment is really its worth. :) :)

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a problem with threading

Requirements: In a particular system there are two threads T1 and T2.
T1 is the master thread that periodically sends messages to the worker thread T2.