How to wax
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I want to start waxing, I have only ever shaved till now, oh yeah I did buy some wax and try doing my underarms once but it was AGONY and my skin bled! I think it must have been a bad product or I did it wrong. Can someone give me some tips?

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Legs aren't that bad ( for a

Legs aren't that bad ( for a woman) However i think for you it may get pretty painful. of course i wouldn't know personally. i just know my husband HATES when my niece pulls his leg hairs ( she thinks its funny) But i like the looks of a clean shaven guy i think its sexy, so even though it may be painful i think it might be worth it.
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Waxing is a great option but if you want greater results then you should try Laser hair removal since it has faster and accurate results compared to DIY Waxing. Just a piece of advice. Cheers

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Waxing tips

First of all, yes it will be uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t be agony, and if it’s that painful then you should use some anaesthetic. You can buy numbing creams from a drugstore, or you can rub some ice on the area before you wax to numb it a bit.
When the instructions tell you to rip in the opposite direction to the way the hair grows, I don’t like this, try pulling in the direction OF hair growth. I find that works a lot better for me.
Also, especially when you are first getting used to waxing, do it when you have plenty of time and can relax rather than rushing. Maybe do a little bit at a time, if it gets too sore stop and then do a bit more later or another day. It’s a great thing once you get used to it but like most things it seems difficult and unpleasant at first! Persevere and you will get used to it! Good luck!