Waxing or Sugaring or Laser hair removal??
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What is best for bikini line hair removal or even for a full brazilian ... waxing, sugaring or laser hair removal?

What's the pros and cons? What's your opinion / experience? Please share!


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Laser Hair Removal

When you consider how much money and pain you go through with regular waxing treatments, laser hair removal is much better in the long run.

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Natural Hair removal Remedies

There are Various method of hair removal, Such as; cream, shaving, waxes, or sugaring. But all These treatments have some pros and cons for skin and hairs. Try Sugar StripEase - a 100% natural hair removal product.

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laser hair removal indeed!

if you want less pain and more effective method of removing the hair, i would surely vouched for laser hair removal..

they have numbing creams for you not to feel the zap of the laser..so definitely a yess..

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Laser hair removal

I tried Laser hair removal for several times now and I love the results. I love the result of Laser hair removal compared to waxing. You must have to try it.

Laser Hair removal
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Waxing or Sugaring or Laser hair removal??

Hi wildchick.

I would have to vote for laser hair removal because I have such a low pain threshold. I tried waxing my bikini line at home once and it was utter agony!!!! I have heard that sugaring is a bit less painful than waxing but have not had it done.


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Waxing or Sugaring or Laser hair removal??

Good question wildchick!

I think most people will experience some pain with all three methods. Laser hair removal is probably the least painful of the three, but if it's completely painless then it is probably not doing a very good (permanent) job.

Of course the best thing about laser hair removal is that if done properly it can be pretty much permanent :)