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I have pretty thin and pale hair on my legs. I am thinking about waxing and I like that people say that hair usually grows back thinner, but is there a risk that it might grow back thicker and darker instead?


That is completely normal! Happens to me EVERY time I get my brows waxed (I don't wax my lip). Apply some Aloe Vera to the cut and fan it with your hand or a piece of paper to cool it off.
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Hair usually grows back thinner, not thicker after waxing. It gives you longer with smooth skin because when you wax you rip the hair out from the root, so the hair has to grow back from all the way under the skin. When you shave then you only cut the hair off at the skin so as soon as it grows even a bit you have stubble.

After you wax your hair will normally come back thinner, but it probably won’t be noticable until you have done it several times.