Herbal Hair Removal
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Kalo® is a NEW herbal solution to Hair Removal. It safely and effectively inhibits hair from growing back permanently. kalo herbal hair removal Kalo® is effective on facial, back, and leg hair, and even for private areas and is a painless solution for hair removal. Kalo® is sold in over 30 countries. Kalo® is a true permanent hair removal solution. Apply the spray or soothing lotion after your regular hair removal whether it is laser hair removal, waxing, tweezing, electrolysis or shaving. It's not needed every day for the rest of your life. Apply Kalo® 3 times the day of the hair removal and 3 times the next day, no need to use it again until the next hair removal. Each time the hair will come back finer, weaker and slower until the it is completely gone. Eliminate unwanted body hair forever. It is also effective to reduce or eliminate ingrown hairs and shaving bumps and is also very effective slowing the hair growth when using it after shaving.
    It can be used for these areas to remove haire:
  • Facial Hair - chin, sideburns, upper lip, eyebrows
  • Ear Hair
  • Under Arm Hair
  • Chest Hair
  • Back Hair
  • Pubic Hair/Bikini Line
  • Leg Hair
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