Laser Hair Removal Information

Laser hair removal is a self explanatory term which describes itself just by its name. Laser hair removal is the employment of lasers for achieving hair removal. Information on laser hair removal

If we follow laser hair removal history, it will be noted that laser hair removal was not an over night success it has refined itself in the course of time to rightly claim its superiority over other methods of hair removal.

laser hair removal for women has become a complete success and laser hair removal for men is also gaining popularity. The result of Laser hair removal procedure varies differently for different clients depending upon the skin color and hair characters of the client.

Laser hair removal is a relatively new technique of permanent hair removal. It is an emerging technique with a lot of advantages over the other methods. Laser hair removal equipment and devices are very safe to use and the side effects associated with the laser hair removal procedure are relatively fewer. As it is a new technique so some complain about laser hair removal costs but long term results of laser hair removal have proved its affectivity. Below are some basic facts about Laser and its basic properties.

What is Laser

To have basic information on laser hair removal, you should know about laser and its basic properties. The word laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser light is very pure in color, can be extremely intense and can be directed with great precision. Because of this property of laser, it finds its use in different fields such as,

  • Industry
  • Scientific research
  • Communication
  • Medicine
  • Cosmetic procedures (esp. Laser hair removal & skin resurfacing)
  • Military Applications

Basic Properties of Laser

Laser light has unique properties like;

  • Monochromatic (Laser hair removal equipment gives light of single wave length)
  • Coherent (Laser hair removal equipment produces light which has coherence both in time and space)
  • Collimated (Laser hair removal equipment gives a parallel beam of light)

The above mentioned properties of laser make it a powerful source of energy which delivers high energy per unit area for effective laser treatment of an area.