Laser Hair Removal For Men

Laser hair removal for men might seem odd to some but a popular magazine survey reports that as many as 80% of women and 50% of men have unwanted hair on various parts of their body. Laser hair removal for men Laser hair removal for men image

might have been a vague term few years back but due to a change in the definition of a perfect man. In the recent years the interest of men for laser hair removal has simply kicked off due to permanent hair removal achieved by lasers.

Changing trends towards masculinity

Body hair is associated with masculinity. In fact, one major difference between the male and female body is generally the amount of body hair. The act of shaving, for many boys, marks their passage to a self-image of manhood but later in life it might also be a sign of getting old. Once a sign of having reached sexual maturity, male body hair now has negative connotation attached to it. Laser hair removal being a permanent method suits most of the men well.

Hair reduction

Many men do not go for complete hair removal but most of the men want there hair partially removed to decrease the density of hair for cosmetic reasons. The areas include neck, hairs on the chest and beard.


Another area where laser hair removal is prerequisite is the field of tattoos and permanent body painting. It's quite obvious that to effectively exhibit the tattoos the concerned area should be permanently freed from hairs. Moreover lasers cannot be used after tattoos are applied due to interaction of lasers with pigments of tattoos. So it is always done before applying tattoos. As the use of laser provides permanent hair freedom in a quick and effective way, many athletes, boxers, actors and body builders under go laser hair removal before getting tattooed.

Social Aspects

A hairy body is often associated with rough masculinity which may be intimidating to some people. Some even perceive a hairy body to be an animal body, rightly or wrongly. So, to off set this image the models and especially body builders remove their body hairs.


Nowadays the ideal models are often considered to be supple, lithe, smooth-bodied youths. As a result of the strong media input this procedure has become a hot thing among men.


According to a recent survey conducted by a leading laser hair removal clinic approximately 70 per cent of men have their back hair removed and almost 30 % do their chests because these are associated with being older. In most of the cases erectile problems and diminished sex drive are also associated with the feeling of getting older.

Body Builders

Body building is a clear example of the fact that pumping iron can do wonders to your body. Body building has become very popular among the men in recent years. As bodybuilding has developed over the years, a generally accepted rule of hairless body has evolved. The hairs on the body tend to conceal the fine contours and shape of the muscles. A hairless, tanned and slightly oiled skin perfectly highlights the contours, beauty, and roundness of the muscular physique. Due to this reason body builders remove hair from all parts of their body, including the underarms, achieving a hairless look to emphasize the perfect muscular physique.

Athletes and swimmers

Sports enthusiasts want smooth bodies to cut down on wind resistance. Male cyclists and swimmers want hair removed to give them speed and an edge on the competition.


The prefrence of areas also differs among men and women. Men often want hair removed from between the eyebrows, around the outside of the ears, and the shoulders. Sports persons and body builders may be interested in removing hair from large visible areas of the body including back, legs and even is some cases under arms also. Use of lasers being a quick and permanent option is gaining popularity for men.