No No Hair Removal
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Hair Removal Device will give you a long term hair control device. When you use this device, it has no painful pulling effect or a mess. This device is a revolutionary new concept in hair removal, applicable for all types of hairs, skin and color. What are its functions? It simply achieves density hair reduction at home, working with it without a mess, no cuts, no burns and no irritating noise. This product is derived on a thrilling new technology called the Thermicon. The thermicon uses scientific principles of thermal transference to carry out a gentle pulse of heat in the hair. It features a matchless advancement: A thermodynamic wire that transmits heat to the hair. The parented wire and built in safety mechanisms has permitted for the adaptation of professional hair removal technology a product that can be use at home. Please be reminded also this Product is not applicable on face. In addition, you will know that the hair is already destroyed by thermal heat signal if you smell the odor.

Another thing, unlike other hair removal device, this device has no pain effect upon treatment. You do not need to wait also for the next growth of hair to remove it. There are no side effects also like irritation in growing hair, redness or rashes. Take into consideration that is not a permanent hair removal device. Like any other hair removal device, it takes time to see its better result. All you have to do is the continuous use for the better result.

This Hair removal system, with you does the right moves, you will achieve stubble free and a smooth skin that you wish will be yours. Make certain to read the instructions first before you use. By this means you will be safe and will attain the most successful result. If you use this device with the buffer, it will remove the hair, but not totally.

For the efficient result especially in your first few weeks of hair reduction, use a razor along with no no shaver for a clean shave. Use the buffer to take away the remains to feel the smoothness. After which, you can take a bath or shower and apply a moisturizer.

    Things you need in using this device
  • 3 short blades
  • 2 long blades
  • Storage bag
  • Small brush to clean the device
  • A charger
  • A buffer hot blades and buffers that will last approximately within three months.
      The effectiveness of the product will depend on how you follow the instruction given before using any hair removal products; make certain that you ask for an advice from the doctor if it is good for you. There are a lots of hair removal devices available in the market today. Be careful in choosing the product so that you will be away from danger.