Laser Eye Wear For Laser Hair Removal

The growing popularity of laser hair removal and use of lasers in other cosmetology procedure has highlighted the need to use laser safety products especially laser  eyewear. Laser safety eye wear is especially designed to reduce the amount of light of specific wavelengths to safe levels, while transmitting sufficient light for good vision There are different types of Laser safety eyewear which are in use. With the increase in the use of lasers for cosmetic procedures, Laser eyewear image including laser hair removal, the concern about laser eye safety is also growing.

Laser eyewear selection

The following things should be taken care of when choosing an eyewear for eye protection from laser hair removal.

  • Laser wavelength and peak radiance
  • Optical density (OD)
  • Visual transmittance
  • Field of view
  • Effects on color vision
  • Absence of irreversible bleaching of the filter
  • Comfort
  • Impact resistance
Ignorance to these factors can result in severe eye injury. So carelessness on the part of a person can claim vision of a person as laser is double edge sword.


The wavelength of laser light has a lot to do with the energy levels of laser light. The longer wavelength has low energy as compared to short wavelength .The eyewear should have imprinted on it the wavelength for which it can be used. The wavelength specific eyewear should always be used.

Optical density

The optical density of laser eyewear material gives its ability to reduce the energy level of a specific wavelength to a reduced safe level. The new reduced energy level of laser light is tolerable for human eye. The optical density values for a specific wavelength can be obtained from ANSI 136.1 guidelines or it can be calculated. The manufacturer should mention the material used in the manufacturing and should also give its optical density value. The user should take care of the optical density and wavelength specific values are imprinted on the eyewear. The other thing a customer should keep in mind when buying a laser eyewear that it should not be damaged because any damage can claim ones eyesight.

Impact resistance

The laser safety eyewear should be resistant to a level to different type of impacts which can damage it and cause reduction in its affectivity. The eyewear should be dust, heat and impact resistant up to a normal level. The proper data should be provided with the eyewear for the help of customer.


This is a personal satisfaction factor and should be given a proper thought before acquiring a laser safety eyewear.

Field of view

It is related to the design of the eyewear. The design should not restrict field of vision because a hindered or reduced field of vision can result in an accident.

Color vision effects

The eyewear should not affect color vision during laser hair removal because it can lead to different types of accidents during the process. The color filter of material should be taken care of.

Laser eyewear types

Mostly three types of laser safety eye wear are used during laser hair removal procedure. Theses are

Laser safety Glasses

The glasses are typical type of laser eyewear. They fit tightly and provide specific protection against laser light energy. They can be worn over the vision correcting glasses. They are usually larger and heavier than spectacles and wraps.

Laser safety spectacles

Laser safety glasses are commonly used for protection against laser light. It is a frame having two separate with side shields. Wavelength specific lenses should be used in laser safety glasses for effective laser eye safety.

Laser safety goggles

Laser safety goggles are more effective than the laser safety glasses because of more extensive eye covering. Laser safety glasses might seem uncomfortable or rather awkward but these are safer and provide excellent laser eye protection.


It is a kind of eye wear which can cover both eyes in a lighter frame. It consists of a single lens. It is a better choice than laser safety glasses and laser safety goggles


Laser eyewear is the only way out to avoid permanent damage to the retina resulting in blindness or in mild cases damage lens or cornea. The laser eyewear should be given proper consideration during laser hair removal procedure specially the imprinted wavelength and optical density of the lens used in laser eyewear. This could be achieved by ensuring proper laser hair removal standardization. This also demands a proper education about laser eye safety both for client and physician to avoid mishaps associated with the use of lasers for laser hair removal and other medical uses.