Laser Hair Removal Who Should Perform

Technology is creeping fast on our planet. Everyday a storm of scientific knowledge is given in and most of it is being converted into its useful application, the birth of new technology.
The advent of laser hair removal is a clear example of this phenomenon. The birth of a new technology always gives rise to a lot of questions. Same is the case with the laser hair removal technology. Many questions arise in the mind of a people like;

Who is an ideal candidate for laser hair removal?

Is there any standardization of laser hair removal?

What are the merits demerits of laser hair removal?

Who should perform laser hair removal?

This technology is new and it has very bright business prospects so everyone is claiming to be expert of it including professionals and non-professionals. So the biggest current issue is that who is going to use this technology a physician or a beautician or the so called laserologist, because everyone claims to be master of it.

There are self-declared laser specialists who have set up their training institutes where everyone can get training without any problem. So beauticians and other non-physicians are having training from these institutes and are going to play with the health of the masses. There is lack of medical supervision which is most important part of all the health related businesses.

There is increased risk of quackery implicated with its beneficial uses. This is a serious problem which needs to be correctly promptly. The other problem with this is that there is no legislation about selling of this technology equipment to the buyer. Anyone can open buy laser hair removal equipment. This will make it available to non-physicians with great likelihood of increased incidence of laser hair removal side effects.

The only recommended person to use this technology in logic terms is a physician, who has got respective training for proper use of the laser hair removal equipment. This will enhance the affectivity of the trade and safeguard the interests and health of consumer. No doubt it will increase the costs of laser hair removal but will also make the laser hair removal safe and cost effective in the long term.