Laser Hair Removal and Allergy

Laser hair removal procedures are usually not associated with complaints of allergy. Proper laser hair removal post operative work up of the client should be done. Prospective laser hair removal client with known allergies to different drugs or chemicals should tell the laser clinic before the laser hair removal procedure, to limit the chances they might be accidentally exposed to this chemical during laser hair removal procedure.
Laser Hair Removal Allergy Issues Another question is whether laser hair removal is associated with development of allergy after laser hair removal procedure ?

Allergy during Laser hair removal

Allergy is a vast term for many bizarre reaction going in the body of person who is particularly at risk to some specific allergens (foreign material like pollen, dust etc). Allergy may manifest as skin itching, redness, swelling and rarely it may lead to anaphylactic shock, a life threatening condition. Some people associate allergy with laser hair removal side effects but it’s unlikely that laser hair removal patients will join hands with those who are already suffering from allergic episodes.
The detailed discussion of allergy is beyond the scope of this article but a brief over view is necessary to clear some doubts. Over body can develop allergy to any thing it recognizes as foreign. When the allergens (foreign materials causing allergy) interact with white blood cells, these are recognized as foreign .Our body’s immune mechanisms came to rescue and releases the mediators from their inventory. These mediators cause skin swelling, redness, edema and itching.
Certain people don't respond to foreign allergens but some sensitive skin types do respond to allergen.

Laser hair removal from areas with tattoos

Antigenicity of tattoo pigment is altered by the beam of Q switch lasers thus converting the otherwise harmless pigment into an allergen. Those altered pigments can cause allergic reactions particularly pruritis (itching), swelling redness and rarely anaphylaxis. The bright side is that experienced doctors can effectively mange the arousal.

Contact dermatitis to topical medications

Laser hair removal procedure may cause contact dermatitis or allergy especially to topical antibiotics and pain killers used for laser hair removal pain management. This can be avoided by prior testing because it is difficult to differentiate between contact dermatitis and infection in patients who have already had laser hair removal.


The risk associated with laser hair removal is not a direct. Nobody is allergic to light and off course laser is a light. It is recommended to remove the tattoo before laser hair removal procedure or conveniently plan the tattoo after laser hair removal treatment. Proper pre operative care should be given to the patients and those who are susceptible to allergy should undergo skin patch testing to rule out the chances of contact dermatitis.