Silk'n Hair Removal
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Silkn is a personal hair removal device that uses a variety of technology compared to the traditional laser hair removal treatment. It is an easy to use device that gives the user, man or woman to have clinically proven results in the convenience of their home in a simple, safe, friendly and have a reasonable cost. It is designed just for maintenance and not a complete hair removal, and there are several advantages and disadvantages of this device when you use it.

The patented home Pulse light technology (HPL) of Silkn is an innovative light energy technology joint with unique acoustic effect, designed solely for carrying out safe and efficient removal of unwanted hair at home. It has been proved that using laser is the most safe and effective way in hair removal.

The light based hair removal is based on photo thermolysis, in which the optical energy I used to destruct the growing hair.

In order to work well, the thermal effect should achieve the hair shaft to selectively absorb light energy and change into heat. This selectivity can be achieved when a high optical energy delivered to the tissue is absorbed by hair shaft pigment, while the epidermis and the surrounding tissue are actively cooled. Melanin is the pigment in the hair shaft, responsible for the absorption of light that generates the heat which results to the disability of hair growth. And when the hair growth is destroyed, thus long term removal is achieved. If you are in doubt with the effect of Silkn, consult your physician before purchasing. In addition, the dermatologist will review the result after you use it.

For more information, Silkn is not approved by FDA to use in face and neck. It is not applicable also for highly pigmented skin because the high intensity of light will cause bleaching or lighten the dark area. It is effectively use in dark and thicker hair. Therefore, if you have a lighter skin, it is not suitable for you. For tanned skin or right after the sun exposure, it is not advisable to you. If this happens, it can cause burns or skin damage.

Apply the applicator tip on the skin firmly. Make certain that the skin area that you will treat is spread evenly and smoothly and the applicator should be in full contact of the skin. Press the pulse button to produce a pulse. After that, you will see a flash of light and a subtle pop like sound. After producing the pulse, remove gently the applicator from the skin. The Silkn will recharge every after 3.5 seconds for the next pulse.

Before using it, read all the warnings and safety precautions in the enclosed brochure. Strictly follow them properly, because that is for your own safety. To make sure the effectiveness of the product, you can do a research. Try to see the positive and negative feedbacks of the customers, so that you will know if it is reliable before purchasing it.