Laser Hair Removal
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laser hair removal

hello everyone do you know about the website . This website is all about the process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle.
I am very Happy to know about that website.

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Laser hair removal and acne

Hi, can anybody tell me if laser treatment will have negative affects when having acne?

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afraid to be burned

im indian so im dark..they say i could have laser hair removal..but im afraid they might burned do you know some indian who had laser hair removal?are they successful?let me know pls..thanks

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what questions to ask in choosing a practitioner?

please give me a guide on what questions to ask in choosing the right practitioner to have laser hair removal with..thanks!

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brazilian laser hair removal concerns..

Im a guy who wants to have brazilian laser hair removal on my privates. But im having second thoughts and is afraid of what will happen during the treatment.What if il get an erection? Is that okey, is it even allowed or could i get a male technician to do it?

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do you know a male that had done laser hair removal?


im having second thoughts in having laser hair removal for my you know any normal male who had done so in the past?are they successful?was he happy with the results?'s picture

Vision damaged

I recently had a procedure done along my hairline. Though I was wearing protective goggles, I could see red light from the zaps near my temples. Now my vision is permanently damaged from the laser penetrating into my body and zapping my eyes. Do I have any recourse?

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hair patches

hi..i have done all 6 laser hair removal treatments..but i still have hairs..they say that after 6 treatments, all of my hairs will be gone..the only thing i have is patches of hairs gone but there are also hair patches that arent gone..please help what i am going to do with this..thanks..'s picture

could I dye my blonde hair to have a laser hair removal?

i had heard from a friend that this is possible..but im wondering if dyeing could work for my blond hairs? please help me..i need an honest opinion..thanks!

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