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No Waxing - Alternative Wax Removal Method

Waxing is Too Painful. If you need painless treatment of hair removal, Try Sugar StripEase a natural hair removal product. Used by women for thousands of years, this technique is less painful than waxing, but will give you hair-free, smooth skin.

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painless waxing?

is there such a thing as painless waxing?if that is the case, il ditch laser hair removal without a word..

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irritated skin after waxing

my husband had his back waxed 2 weeks ago but until now it still looks irritated. there's tiny red bumps visible on his back that looks like pimples. i called the salon
but they didnt give any helpful info.

any suggestions??

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top 5 waxing products

hi! im 17 yrs old and i really have hairy legs. laser hair removal is not an option for me yet because my mom said im too young for that. but the hairy legs is really grossing me out and i would like to wax instead. any idea about famous products i could try at home?


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new to waxing

im just wondering how many sessions would it need before id get used to the pain of waxing?

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Anyone who can recommend a trusted product brand for numbing cream?

next month i having an appointment to my tattoo artist because i want to have a tattoo on my lower chest and i dont like tattoo pain thats why i will try numbing cream for painless tattoo but i don't know what is the best brand for numbing cream... please help me..

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I have pretty thin and pale hair on my legs. I am thinking about waxing and I like that people say that hair usually grows back thinner, but is there a risk that it might grow back thicker and darker instead?

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How to wax

I want to start waxing, I have only ever shaved till now, oh yeah I did buy some wax and try doing my underarms once but it was AGONY and my skin bled! I think it must have been a bad product or I did it wrong. Can someone give me some tips?

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Recipe for home sugaring?

Does anyone have a recipe for making a sugaring solution at home?

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Waxing or Sugaring or Laser hair removal??

What is best for bikini line hair removal or even for a full brazilian ... waxing, sugaring or laser hair removal?

What's the pros and cons? What's your opinion / experience? Please share!


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