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could I remove my nostril hairs with electrolysis?

is that possible?or il just go on clipping them foreover?

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numbing creams on electrolysis?

do they use numbing creams during electrolysis?

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which is less painful, laser hair removal or electrolysis?

i want to remove the hairs in between my brows..now im torn between doing it in electrolysis or laser hair removal..so which one is more painful among the two?

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which is more better, electrolysis or laser hair removal?

when will electrolysis be more better than laser hair removal? or none at all?..thanks..

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Electrolysis was painful!

I had been warned that Electrolysis was painful,
I had hair from a few moles and eyebrows i wanted to clean up, a very small area.

I thoght it would take half an hour but it took hours and it grew back and I'd to keep going back.

Ten hours and about $1000 later I'm cleaned up but go back from time to time to clear up regrowth.

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Difference between electrolysis and laser hair removal?

What is the difference between laser hair removal and electrolysis? Do they both work as well and is one more painful than the other?

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history procedure

hello everybody does anyone can help me out i am looking for complete history of electrolysis i am told that it is about 120 years old process is it so can you help me

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where to get electrolysis done

hi i am a 22 years old girl and i have familial problem of unwanted hairs specially on my face on a website a expert adviced me of getting electrolysis done i live in Los Angeles USA can u help me find-in a electrolysis centre?

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want to be electrologist

i am a medical student and right now studying medicine in my final year i want to know is there any institution from i can get my training of electrolysis can u suggest me som e

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pain during electrolysis

i had 3 sessions of electrolysis but during last session i felt a lot more than the first two sessions my practitioner says it was just my illusion and a psychological effect of being probed nothing e

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