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It seemed like a good idea at the time. But people change, and the old tattoo just doesn't fit with your new image. Fortunately, Laser Tattoo Removal System could make your tattoo a thing of the past. The system gives you non-invasive advantages of laser treatment; plus, better results than any other methods .The Laser treatments use your body's own defense mechanisms to remove the pigment. When the tattoo was applied, your body encapsulated the ink in the skin's collagen.

Laser energy breaks up the ink pigment into smaller particles that, over a period of weeks, are removed by your body. Larger particles may require several treatments, but the tattoo gradually fades. It is absolutely safe in the hands of trained, qualified dermatologists.

Depending on the size and location of the tattoo, a typical session runs from 10 to 30 minutes. There are alternatives to laser removal but none as effective or painless. Surgical removal (excision) is expensive and results in scarring. Other types of lasers use carbon dioxide to physically boil away the skin. Again, this is expensive and leaves a scar. Finally, techniques that use acid or abrasion to remove the tattoo are often painful and may be dangerous.

COMPLETE LASER TATTOO REMOVAL IN CHANDIGARH depends on a number of factors. Tattoos that contain yellow, red, or certain green pigments can be difficult to remove. And large or particularly thick tattoos, usually applied by a professional tattoo artist, can require many treatments for successful removal. THE COST will depend on the number of treatments required. That, in turn, depends on the size of the tattoo and its location, depth, and color. Professionally applied tattoos tend to contain more ink than amateur versions and usually require a greater number of treatments.

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How Long Does It Last?

anyone know how long the different methods of hair removal last?

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where could I find a laser hair removal specialist/physician?

i want to have laser hair removal but only with a laser hair removal specialist that is a doctor or a physician..what clinic have this kind of laser specialist?thanks for the info..i would greatly appreciate it..

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which is more costly,electrolysis or laser hair removal?


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I have some hairs in my mole,could I use laser hair removal for them?

or better yet, il have electrolysis on them..but i heard electrolysis is painful than laser hair i guess, il go for laser hair removal..but i want to hear your opinions..what will i do?thanks!'s picture

how will laser specialist operate with a mole?

im quite there a special precaution laser hair specialist do on a mole during the treatment?

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will lasers damage my mole?

i got some moles in my hand..and im planning to remove my unwanted hairs on my forearms with laser hair it okey?

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will laser hair removal gives side effects on my baby?

is there any long standing effects that lasers will have on my baby?

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clinic for nostril laser hair removal

could you give me a clinic that can do nostrils laser hair removal?

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Laser Hair Removal BocaRaton

Ultimate Wellness LLC of Boca Raton is your complete source for all your spa needs from laser hair removal to permanet makeup we have it all. Come relax and receive the treatment you deserve including massages and facials.

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