Plucking, Tweezing
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Overview of plucking, tweezing.

This method comprises of pulling the hair from the roots by the help of tweezers. It is mostly used for eye brows, or a few stray hair on the chin or face.

Easy and cheap. No expertise required can be done personally.

Can be painful.
Time consuming, cannot be used for long areas.
May cause or aggravate the existing acne.
And like other epilatory methods can cause ingrown hairs.

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is there a way how to do plucking painlessly?


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how to pluck my eyebrows painlessly?

i tried it once but i cant take the there another way to pluck my eyebrows but painlessly?

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laser hair removal for ingrown hairs?

Laser hair removal , the treatment for ingrown hairs?
Do i have to?i only have 5 ingrown hairs..maybe electrolysis is much better?

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threading vs plucking

i've been plucking my eyebrow for years.
would threading give me good result than plucking?is it painful?longer periods of hair free?

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plucking in between treatments,good idea?

i had my 1st treatment, and i see pepperspots now all over my arms. is it okay if i pluck or tweeze them out im greatly bothered about these stubborn hair stuck in in my skin.

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shoud i stop tweezing before laser hair removal?

Hi, I am new to this forum. I was hoping someone could answer my question. I am planning about getting laser hair removal. The area i m planning is my face and bikini area. Previously i have been using waxing and tweezing for hair removal of these areas. I have learnt that one should stop tweezing and waxing before laser. Is this correct? And for how much time should i have to leave the hair. The hairs on my chin look really mean and can’t leave them as it is. Tell me what I should do about this problem.

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