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How old do you have to be to start shaving your facial hair?

I only have hair on my stache, is it a good idea to shave only there? What are some pros and cons in shaving early and at a younge age? When i say "younge age" i mean early teens. What should i use to shave such as a one bladed razer or three bladed? Any good company that has good shaver? What makes a good shaver? Will my skin be erritaded by shaving? Do you have any tips on shaving? Should i wait until i'm older to shave or shave now? What's the best type of shaver? Whats the best type of shaving cream?

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shaving concerns before laser hair removal treatment

do i have to shave close or just close to a stubble? or does it matters at all?

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What are the advantages to shaving "down there"?

I noticed all men in porn are circumcised and shave their pubes. I already decided I would like to stay "uncut" but are there any benefits to shaving my pubes? I recently tried "manscaping" and my skin feels a lot smoother and I don't itch any more, but I don't really know if I'll continue just because I think it looks better. What do women think and does this lower my chances of STDs?

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shaving vs. laser hair removal

which is better?

laser hair removal or shaving?


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do I have to shave before laser hair removal?

i hate i really have to? could i forgo it?

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which is better?

compared traditional shaving, with a razor with an electric shaver?which is better?

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damage my skin

will shaving for quite a long time damage my skin?

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aftershave for women pls..

no one answered on the other post like this..
and im really interested to know what is the famous after shave for women in the market..pls reply..

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how to do a good shave?

hey you people out there, is there a good way of shaving? you might have known some way of making shaving easier..share it with me pls.

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after shave for women?

someone recommended using aftershave after shaving..i just wonder, is there a product for women aftershave?help me pls..

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