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Welcome to the Referrals section..

Welcome to the hair removal referrals section. Finding and choosing a clinic or center for hair removal especially for laser hair removal and electrolysis can be a very difficult and frustrating job. The most effective and easy way to find a good place near your area is through referrals. So, here is the hair removal forum’s Referrals section.

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Ayurvedic Specialist in Punjab

From time to time, in any area of human knowledge, there arises a thinker- a true master who marks a milestone in the discipline. This is the case of World Famous Ayurvedic Specialist Khandani Vaid Harbhajan Singh Yogi. He Published lots of books viz- Sex Guide, Garba Gyan, Jiwan Sudhar,Yogi de Nuske, Sehat Sambhal (Health Care) and much more. He wrote couple of Punjabi Films: Duniya Matlab di (Selfish World).Now his son recently published book “Sehat Samasyavan da hall” in Punjabi & Hindi which is distributed free of cost to aware people about health.

Nothing in this work is improvised, or the product of mere inspiration, it is the result of more than Sixty Five years since (1944) of zealous and patient observation in his daily practice of Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines.

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best laser hair clinic

hi! theres a lot of laser hair clinics out there and im confused where to go. what should i look for when choosing a laser hair clinic?

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Botox Cosmetic, Dermal Fillers, Wrinkle reduction, Liposuction, Microdermabrasion -

We are giving very good services in Health - Beauty with an advance technology. The center comprises a medical director and a group of experienced aestheticians.

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Laser Hair Removal in Philadelphia, PA

I own a Laser Center in Chestnut Hill, not far from center city. I've been an aesthetician and laser technician for 7 years. If you are in the Philadelphia area and want wonderful service, precise treatments and affordable options, please contact me. I love this industry and if you are in need of treatment, I guarantee better prices and service that you will not find anywhere else in Philadelphia!

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Need good laser hair removal center in Virginia

I am moving from California to Virginia.
I used to go to Ideal Image who were great. But now due to family I am moving to Virginia, I cannot afford to fly back to California for laser hair removal and need to find a good authentic laser hair center in Virginia.

I've heard about complaints about American Laser Center, which ironically is the only one I found listed in Virginia, Please help...
I need to find a good laser hair removal center in Virginia.

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Choosing a laser hair removal clinic

Can anyone tell me what I should look for in a good laser hair removal clinic? There are loads of adverts and it is a bit overwhelming. I don't have any friends who have had laser hair removal so I can't ask for a recommendation from anyone I know. Please help!

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Laser hair removal in New York

Now you can have brief information about the various clinics in the New York area. We are also trying to build a laser hair rermoval clinic directory which will guide you during your selection of a laser hair removal clinic.

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Laser hair removal in New York City

Hi, just found your site accidentally through Google. I was really amazed to find such a comprehensive information on the topic. The information on the site was pretty helpful in giving me insight into the basics of Laser hair removal. I have a suggestion to give that you also includes a location based directory of clinics offering Laser hair removal services. Because it would save a lot of time when looking for a Laser Hair removal clinic and give people a list of options to choose.

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