Tria Laser Hair Removal System
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tria hair removal system There are lots of women trying to get rid of their unwanted hairs in the body. There doing different things like going to professional salons to have laser hair removal treatments to eradicate their irritating hairs. The only problem of this is the expense and the time you spent on sitting for those treatments. There are some alternative procedures that will eradicate unwanted hairs and also use the same technology as the professional equipment used in salons. One of these product that gives same results as the salons equipment is the Tria laser Hair Removal System.

The Tria laser hair Removal System is an FDA certified device that every woman can obtain it for her own convenience at home. You can get also a better result without spending a thousand of dollars.

tria hair removal system

How does TRIA laser work?

Tria uses scientifically proven diode laser technology to eradicate unwanted hair, to a procedure called selective photothermolysis which has the same process used to eradicate tattoos. To target the tissue, it uses a wavelength of light and absorbs the light into the targeted area. By this means, the light will target the hair follicles producing heat that causes damage to the hair follicle which results to the disability of re-growth. For this reason, it will result to the extraction of unwanted hair. This method will only work on dark hair and areas.
In using Tria system, you will not complete the treatment directly. You need a several treatment process for about weeks or months to make certain that the unwanted hair is totally removed. As you undergo in this treatment, you should notice the difference in a short span of time that the hair grows finer and lighter. Basically, there should not a thick hair growing after this treatment.

tria hair removal system The Tria device is easy to use and very simple to administer it. Once the device is charge, there are 3 levels of density to be selected by the users. The device has an output window from which the laser is emitted on the skin. The user will simply place the device in the area where you want to remove hairs. The device will be place for a few seconds before proceeding to the next area.

The Tria hair removal device is featuring 3 contact sensors defending against mistreatment and will not operate perfectly unless all three sensors touch the surface of the skin. The device is also cordless and rechargeable, that is why you could easily bring it wherever you may be, because you don't have to plug it in cords or wires.
The Tria hair removal system is the best choice for those people who wanted to remove their unwanted hairs without any hassle. It is very convenient also because you don't have to use razors or go to the salon just for a treatment.

The only disadvantage of this device and to other hair removal systems is that it works best in people with lighter skin tone. And people with dark pigments do not get the same effect because of the selective photothermal process.

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I used this model with on my bikini line


I don't wanted spend so much money and bring it to a spa.
So I decided to use this model.
I did not really feel much throughout the treatment. Initially, the noise surprised me however I did not truly feel something. Another advantage has been this didn't hurt in any way. I attempted the 5 levels and as I switched up, I experienced much more pain. the 5th. level was the hardest. It felt such as a hot plastic band snapping towards my skin. It had been somewhat unpleasant, however much more annoying compared to anything.