Unimed Laser Hair Removal LB100s
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Laser Hair Reduction at Home - Can it be done?

Of all the cosmetic treatments available in the USA today, the most sought-after among women under 35 is laser treatment for hair removal. Even among the over-35's, laser treatment for hair removal is only overtaken by Botox therapy.

Given this vast popularity and interest in the use of laser treatment for hair removal, it is not surprising that a number of companies have tried to sell to this market-place with appliances for treating undesirable hair at home.

Information for the Unimed Laser Hair Removal LB100s and other versions

Such home-use tools include the Unimed Laser Hair Removal LB100s, as well as the other commonly-known version, the LB500s.

The LB100s is a hair reduction appliance designed to be used at home, with a control box and a wand which you point at the skin in the area you wish to treat. It uses a Class C diode and the laser ray wavelength is 808nm (nanometers).

Is it Too Good to be True?

The claims you may see that are made by the manufacturers of the Unimed Laser Hair Removal LB100s include:
80% effective Permanent hair removal Reduction of pores after treatment gives you smoother skin Almost pain-free, rapid method of hair removal

Caveat emptor

It is not legal for companies to state that this appliance can produce permanent success, because the Unimed Laser Hair Removal LB100s is NOT certified by the FDA for permanent home laser treatment for hair removal.

You may also be presented with a statistic claiming "80% effectiveness". While such levels of success can be attained with modern equipment and professional treatment, no hair reduction appliance designed to be used at home has ever been independently demonstrated to be this effective.

So - please go into any purchase with your eyes wide open!

The Tria Laser Hair Removal Device

The "Tria", a new competitor to the Unimed home laser devices, is the first appliance to receive FDA certification to be sold over the counter as a hair reduction appliance designed to be used at home.

The company that produces the Tria is a reputable one that seems to be abstaining from unrealistic claims. Their product is backed by many years of clinical studies.

Extensive clinical studies show that individuals can expect a reduction of around a third in hair regrowth 12 months after treatment, as opposed to around 80% for individuals treated with the professional equipment used by medical professionals.

The Tria is likely to be a great way for individuals to provide themselves with top-up treatment in their home to deal with hair regrowth between professional sessions; this is the reason that medical professionals are excited about Tria - not because they think it is likely to take the place of professional laser treatment.

Summary - Things to Think About if you want Home Laser Hair Removal

Home laser hair removal is a new science. Is it for you? While it is tempting to rush into buying a product that seems to hold the potential to offer you a fuzz-free life from the privacy of the home, please give the following issues some thought first!
Beware of companies that make claims about non-FDA approved products without backing them up. While you may be able to buy the Unimed Laser Hair Removal LB100s for much less than the newer Tria, be aware that it is not FDA approved to make claims regarding permanent hair removal. Lasers are dangerous things. Always review safety recommendations before using any DIY product, and abide by them carefully. If possible, get personal recommendations before purchasing any hair reduction appliance designed to be used at home. Be aware of the limitations of home-use devices and consider combining them with professional treatment.